Augustine Harley Angels Dog Rescue is a foster home-based organization. A foster home is a temporary home where the dog can live safely until a permanent adopter is found. The foster home is often a life saver for the dog. As a foster parent, you are asked to care for the dog, feed him, exercise him, train him (if needed) and use a rescue-approved vet.

St, Augustine Harley Angels Dog Rescue covers all vet expenses and provides monthly flea and heartworm preventatives. Before the dog is available for adoption, you, as a foster parent, have an option to adopt him first (adoption fees would still apply). If you decide not to adopt, the rescue will schedule meet and greet sessions with potential new families. The rescue will work around your schedule to make it convenient for you.

Please, keep in mind that many new dogs coming in are going through a transition process and need extra care. Often times, they need to be separated from your own dogs due to fleas or other minor infections that they get at the shelters.

If you are interested in becoming a foster parent please complete the foster/adoption form below and return to     Foster/Adoption form will be available soon, thank you