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We operate a low-cost spay/neuter assistance program (SNAP) to help end the pet overpopulation and the high rate of euthanization in shelters. SNAP allows you to purchase a low cost spay/neuter certificate which can used at one of the following participating clinics

Participating Clinics

Shelton Veterinary Clinic, Elkton, FL

Spay & Neuter Prices

Female Dog Spay Certificate $125
Male Dog Neuter Certificate $110

A free rabies vaccination is included for pets over 12 weeks of age.

If your pet is pregnant or in heat at the time of service, the veterinarian may charge an additional fee. This fee is your financial responsibility, as well as any additional services rendered at the time of your veterinary appointment. Large dogs over 40 lbs. will require an additional fee for anesthesia. Animals going to Shelton Clinics must be over 2 pounds (approximately 8 weeks of age)